Hospital infection control committee, JIPMER is planning to start ‘OBSERVERSHIP PROGRAM IN HOSPITAL INFECTION CONTROL’ – one month observership training in hospital infection control. During the period, the candidates will be trained on various aspects of infection control program such as –

  1. Major HAI types (CAUTI, CLABS, VAP, SSI)
  2. Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) Surveillance
  3. Standard Precaution (Hand hygiene and PPE)
  4. Specific (Transmission Based) Precautions.
  5. Environmental and Staff Surveillance
  6. Antimicrobial Stewardship
  7. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Surveillance
  8. Needle Stick Injury Prevention and Management
  9. Bio Medical Waste Management
  10. Infection control at CSSD

The candidates will be undergoing various hands on training which includes ICU rounds, OT visits, laboratory activities for surveillance culture and data analysis on HAI surveillance  and various audit activities related to infection control such as hand hygiene audit and antibiotic stewardship ward rounds etc.


Candidates completed post-graduation in Medical Microbiology (MD or DNB) in recognized medical institutes

Course fees

Nominal  course fee will be charged.

Selection criteria

Observation period will be kept for 1 month period. This will be conducted 2-3 times a year, 2-4 candidates per session. Announcement for the program  will be done in JIPMER website.

Certificate of completion of Observership

At the end of the training, a completion certificate of Certificate of ‘Observership and training in hospital infection control’ will be provided to the candidate from the Department.