Department of Microbiology along with the office of HICC, JIPMER conduct the ‘National Workshop onHospital Infection Control for nurses’ . The target group will be ONLY infection control nurses from differentparts of the country.Nurses play a crucial role in executing and implementing the infection control programme inhealth care services. Infection control nurses (ICNs) are the pillars of Hospital infection controlcommittee (HICC). ICNs perform rounds, audits, surveillances and ensure the implementationof infection control activities. Unfortunately there are paucity of training program for infectioncontrol nurses in India. This workshop aims at training the ICNs across the country on variousaspects of hospital infection control which range from hand hygiene, personal protectiveequipment, HAI Surveillance, bundle care audit, needle stick injury, biomedical waste auditand environmental surveillance.The number of participants selected for the workshop will be limited to 75. Nurses working inthe infection control area only will be considered for this workshop.