Department of Microbiology along with the office of HICC (Hospital Infection Control Committee), JIPMERPondicherry, India conduct the National Workshop on Hospital Infection Control’. It is conducted every year during the month of January or  February. The target group will be ONLYfacultyand residents of Microbiology (post or perusing MD/DNB Microbiology) from different parts of the country.

Infection Control is an essential component of any health care delivery system. Implementing infection control measures from simple hand washing to high-level disinfection of surgical instruments can prevent transmission of disease in health care settings. Unfortunately, an effective and robust infection control programme is lacking in most of the hospitals.Given the current scenario of antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship program (AMSP) has become the need of the hour. However, there is a dearth of AMSP leads and infection preventionist in our country.

Microbiologists play a crucial role in implementing the infection control programme and to initiate antimicrobial stewardship measures.  Hospital infection control committee (HICC) in the best of the hospitals in India are supervised by microbiologists. More so, when Government of India is planning to bring the infection control as a separate learning objective for the MBBS students, it is the need of the hour for every microbiologist to enhance their knowledge and share their skills on infection control.

This workshop aims at training the clinical microbiologists across the country on various aspects of hospital infection control which range from bench side discussion such as air, surface and water surveillance, MDROs screening for HCWs, endoscopy reprocessing, disinfectant testing, endotoxin testing to bedside case discussion which includes  AMSP audit round, Bundle care audit round and HAI Surveillance.